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Current Location:Vancouver, BC 07:05 AM PDT

Brian Moon

Current Location:Vancouver, BC 07:05 AM PDT

Crafting web, mobile, and 3D experiences for Unity.Expa.Apple.Finger Food ATG (Unity).Microsoft.Enbridge.Mayfield Robotics.Netgear.

Designing for smaller startups to enterprise corporations for the past 7+ years. Creating 3D renders on the side. Currently senior UX designer @ Unity.

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Brian was a highly-valued member of the NETGEAR UX team. His work ethic, attention to detail, and passion were unquestionable, and his ability to mesh well with everyone on and outside the team is a remarkable asset. Whether it be another full-time opportunity or a freelance project, I wouldn't hesitate a second to collaborate with Brian.

Richel Tong

Lead, Design at Unity Technologies

I had the pleasure of working with Brian on a few projects at Finger Food. I have to say that Brian was a joy to work with; he is excellent with the client management and is open and receptive of feedback and responsive. I was very impressed with the amount of research done for each project, which was reflected in the high quality of the designs. I would love to work with Brian again.

Arash Khoddamy

Lead, Project Management at Unity Technolgies

Part of delivering an exceptional solution, is to effectively understand the business context and the end users. Brian excelled in both. He grasped the complex business rules for the solution we were developing, and he was able to articulate it with ease both verbally and visually. I highly recommend not only Brian's UX design skills, but also his incredible understanding of the business environment.

Manuel Tamashiro

Senior BI Product Manager at SAP Concur

A key player on the UX team at Netgear, Brian appeared to be a master of all aspects of the design process. From brainstorming user flows to collaborating on visual design, Brian excelled at each task he was given, and constantly amazed me with his elegant solutions. If given the opportunity to work with Brian in the future, I would eagerly collaborate with him.

Peter Komierowski

Lead Product Designer, Partner at Turtle

Brian is a self motivated hard working team player who really likes to learn and understand what a product is about before diving into design. His ability to quickly build concepts through motion and interaction design has been a huge win for communicating with developers and stakeholders. It would be a pleasure to work with Brian again in the future.

Tyler Balaban

Creative Director & Digital Product Designer

I had the pleasure of working with Brian at NETGEAR. We worked together on a few projects, and Brian brought the UX to life through creative exploration of colours, visual identity exercises, as well as motion prototypes. His work is sharp and focused, ensuring that he listens to our internal needs and responsive to research. I enjoyed working with Brian and would love to see more of his work in the future.

Tina Yiu

Product Owner at Wealthbar

Brian is a joy to work with because of his pleasant attitude and keen sense of design. I often find myself approaching Brian for a second opinion when making tough design decisions and his recommendations always bring new insight to a challenging problem. I would not think twice about an opportunity to work on a project with Brian.

Lu Yu

User Experience Designer at Tableau Software